4 Effective Ways to Naturally Heal Back Pain

According to statistics, estimated 80% of adults experience some form of back pain at some point of their lives, and if you’re one of these individuals, you’ll know how awful back pain can be. Back pain and discomfort can vary hugely in severity, and whilst some individuals afflicted with the pain may simply find themselves coping with the pain and discomfort, usually with the assistance of painkillers, therapy or back massage with electric massager, some people unfortunately find themselves bedbound, in agony, and barely able to move at all. The good news however, is that there are a number of ways to naturally heal and treat back pain, four of which we’ll be taking a look at right now.

1. Stretching


For anybody struggling with muscular back pain, stretching could prove to be incredibly useful and beneficial indeed. Stretching serves two separate purposes. Firstly, it helps strengthen weak muscles that may be more vulnerable, and secondly, it helps to loosen up tight and stiff muscles. When it comes to stretches for the back however, make sure the ones you perform are gentle, and easy to do. If the stretching causes pain, it may be doing more damage than good.

2. Enough vitamin D consumption

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Vitamin D is very beneficial for people suffering with back pain, as people with vitamin D deficiencies are more at risk of suffering from a weakening of the bones known as osteomalacia. Vitamin D plays a vital role in the absorption of calcium, a mineral renowned for its ability to strengthen the bones. People suffering with osteomalacia are more at risk of suffering with lower back pain, so supplementing with vitamin D can help to greatly reduce pain in the lower back region, and in some cases, it can eradicate the pain altogether.

3. Improve your sitting posture

Sitting Posture

If your job requires you to sit at a desk for several hours each day, you may almost certainly have to improve your sitting posture in order to help minimize your back pain. Rather than sitting straight upright, recline the chair slightly, as doing so will then allow muscles in the back to relax, and it will take pressure off of discs in your spine. This is because the weight will have been displaced onto the backrest. Ideally, your hips need to be a touch higher than your knees, as this will help to maintain the lumbar spine’s inward curve, so you may wish to consider placing a wedge cushion on your seat.

4. Change your sleeping position

Sleeping Position

Sleeping on your side is one of main causes of back pain, and unfortunately, sleeping on your side is one of the most comfortable positions to sleep in. If you sleep on your side, place a pillow between your legs, holding it in place between the knees, as this allows muscles in the back to relax. Although not as common, some people do sleep on their stomachs, and this is actually the worst position to sleep in when back pain is concerned. If you sleep on your stomach, place a pillow under your pelvis and lower abdomen to take strain off of your back. Ideally, when it comes to back pain, sleeping on your back is considered to be the most beneficial, so you may wish to give that a go.

Closing Thoughts

So there we have it, just four natural and highly effective ways of dealing with and preventing back pain that you can easily try at home, and incorporate as part of your daily routine. Whilst the examples listed above won’t provide instant relief, as long as you stick with them and use them as lifestyle changes rather than simply quick fixes, you will eventually begin to see and feel slight improvements, which will become more prominent with each passing day.

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