7 Benefits of Foot Reflexology That Can Help You Physically and Mentally

Foot reflexology involves the application of appropriate pressure to the feet with the aim of relieving pain or discomfort. The pressure is applied to specific points that correspond to a bladder point. Whenever the appropriate pressure is applied, the bladder point functioning is affected. Foot reflexology does not cure health disorders, but simply helps in eliminating the discomfort for a while.

Benefits of Foot Reflexology

Foot reflexology has been practiced for centuries in different countries, but it got famous during the 1930s. Back then, the feet were easily accessible making it easy to continue with the practice. The doctors would insist on a patient to get the foot reflexology to aid in relieving pain from their body. Places such as Egypt, China and Native American Indians all claim to be the birthplace of this method. There is no much proof to help understand where it originally came from. Today, the practice is now a global thing with people using it any other day.

Only those people who have used foot reflexology would understand what it has to offer. If you are still asking yourself what does reflexology do, then get to learn about the benefits of the process below.

1. Get better sleep with foot reflexology

One of the foot reflexology benefits includes getting better sleep at the end of the day. After having a busy day at the office, it is better if you wind down the day with reflexology. Have the foot reflexology just a few hours before going to bed. It will help in improving the blood circulation and relaxing the nerves.

2. Get an improved blood circulations

Sufficient blood circulation is important to help in staying healthy. Not all people have the time to go to the gym each day for an exercise. Foot reflexology done in 10 minutes should be enough to improve blood circulation in your body. If more oxygen is transported to the body cells, you will end up with a healthy body.

3. Reflexology helps you relax

If your type of work involves standing for a long time, at the end of the day you will feel like relaxing a bit. To get better relaxation, get foot reflexology to tone down the feet muscles and ease all the pressure from them. Choose to use warm oil during the foot massage that will make you feel firm strokes as being gentle.

4. Dealing with depression

Foot reflexology can help in fighting depression based on several studies conducted by relevant health bodies. Giving any massage to a depressed person helps him or her to forget about the problems in their lives for a while. The massage is meant to provide consolation and help someone to adapt to the changes in life.

5. Foot and ankle injury prevention

Still based on your job, some people are likely to get injuries to their ankles and feet. To help in recovering faster, foot reflexology is recommended. Combine the massage with other ankle exercises to get better and faster recovery and injury prevention.

6. Help combat hypertension

Getting hypertension is the worst nightmare to happen to anyone. You can still reduce the high blood pressure to reasonable amounts by using foot reflexology. A study done by Korean Researchers showed that foot massage triggers a reduction in the levels of blood pressure in the body.

7. Get relief from the PMS and Menopause symptoms

As part of the foot reflexology benefits, women can now deal with the symptoms that come with PMS and menopause. During the PMS, you can expect women to have mood changes, bloating and cramping. Women who have a foot massage during this period end up having less of the symptoms than those who do not.