Best Electric Callus Remover: Top 5 Options to Choose from this 2019

Calluses, whether on the feet, the hands, or anywhere else for that matter, are not the most attractive of things, and they aren’t the most comfortable of things, either. The main cause of calluses is irritation and friction of a specific part of the skin over a prolonged period of time. Many weightlifters get calluses on their hands where the metal grips and handles of the weights and the machines, dig into and rub onto the skin whilst they’re working out.

Calluses on the feet are also very common, which is why foot callus remover sales are currently sky-high. As electric callus remover products are currently so popular however, it can be tough to find the best callus remover for your money, which is where we come into the fold.

In this article, we’ll be looking at what callus removers are, the main benefits they provide, how to choose the best callus remover, and more besides. So, if you’re sitting comfortably, let’s talk all things electric callus remover related.

Comparison: Top Rated Electric Callus Remover

Product ImageProduct NameRollerWater ResistantPower SourceWeight
Amopé Pedi PerfectRegular CoarseNoAA batteries9.6 ounces
Amopé Pedi Perfect Wet & Dry Electronic Foot FileRegular CoarseYesRechargeable Battery/Charger12.8 ounces
Electric Callus Remover by CaremeRegular Coarse/Extra CoarseYes; IPX5 RatingRechargeable Battery/Electric Cord5.3 ounces
Electric Callus Remover by NaturalicoRegular CoarseYesRechargeable Battery/Electric Cord17.6 ounces
Emjoi Micro-Pedi PowerRegular Coarse/Extra CoarseNoElectric Cord12.8 ounces
Magnifeko Pedicure Tools Rechargeable Electric Callus RemoverFine/Regular CoarseYes; IPX5 RatingRechargeable Battery/Electric Cord5.3 ounces

What is an electric callus remover?

Put simply, an electric callus remover is a small and portable device equipped with a rough and coarse roller that rubs, breaks down, and removes hardened skin and calluses on the feet in a swift, seamless, and pain-free manner.

What are the main benefits of using an electric foot callus remover?

There are many benefits associated with using an electric callus remover over other products, with some of the main examples including:

They’re easy to use – One of the main benefits is the fact that these devices are so simple to use. You basically just switch them on, gently apply the roller to the callus, and let it work its magic.

They’re small and portable – Another great benefit is the fact that they’re small and portable, so can be used in different rooms of the house, as well as on trips away.

They really work – Perhaps most importantly of all, is the fact that these amazing devices really do work incredibly well. When they promise to remove calluses for good, they really aren’t lying.

Why choose a callus remover over dermatological skin treatments?

As mentioned, there are other treatments, products, and procedures available to treat calluses with dermatological skin treatments being prime examples. However, studies have found that, generally speaking, many of these creams and treatments are only marginally effective at best, and, once the creams and treatments are no longer applied, the calluses can quickly return. On top of that, it can take weeks, even months, before you begin to see any kind of improvement. Electric callus removers however, get rid of the calluses for good, and best of all, they begin working as soon as they are used on the affected area.

How to choose the best callus remover?

We previously spoke about how electric callus removers are so popular, and because of this, finding the best one for your buck, is not an easy task. In order to find the best callus remover, you should:

  • Read reviews
  • Not assume the cheapest is the best value
  • Not assume the most expensive is the best
  • Ask other people (social media, forums, etc)
  • Seek professional opinions
  • Do your own research (look for features such as water resistant, powerful motor, extra roller and warranty)

Review: Our Top 5 Electric Callus Remover Choices

Amopé Pedi Perfect

Amope Pedi Perfect Review

Designed to remove foot calluses, the Amopé Pedi Perfect is not just a name that brags but also gives you amazing results. So why should you choose a product like this? This callus remover has Micralumina (which is their trademark name) roller with microabrasive particles in its surface, that effectively remove tough calluses on your feet. The roller is replaceable and replacement is available on the market. It is however very economical because the roller can be replaced for months even with a regular use. This unit is powered by 4 AA batteries. There is no electric cord available.

This unit is safe to use. However it is not designed to be water resistant. The design is ergonomic which is very easy to handle without slipping on your hands. There is also a pink variation with a unique roller with diamond crystals available. Read our complete review here

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Electric Callus Remover by Careme

Who doesn’t want silky, clean feet? The electric callus remover by Careme is one of your best choices to achieve younger, healthy feet. One great thing about this unit is its water resistance feature. Yeah you heard it right! It can be used dry or on showers. It doesn’t have AA batteries to operate but it has an electric cord to charge its built-in nickel-hydride battery. You can use it cordlessly approximately up to 40 minutes. This unit is covered with a 6 month warranty that covers both motor and battery.

There are two rollers included on this package, the coarse and extra coarse. Also, a cleaning brush is included. Replacement of these rollers are also available in the market.

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Electric Callus Remover by Naturalico

This is another great option for starters or for those who have been removing their calluses regularly. This electric callus remover by Naturalico boasts it powerful motor that can spin up to 40 revolutions per second. It is incredibly fast compared to average callus removers. Plus this unit has a rechargeable 1200 Mah battery which indeed performs great though it is not replaceable. Using this callus remover with a full charged battery can last long up to 40 minutes. You can charge it for 8-16 hours with included electric power cord.

Another good thing about this callus remover is its extra roller which is included in the box plus a cleaning brush. Replacement for a roller is available. The roller does last long even for rigorous use. This unit is not waterproof but does amazing results on dry feet.

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Emjoi Micro-Pedi PRO

A newly designed Emjoi Micro-Pedi PRO has additional cord and performs very well over its predecessor, the Emjoi Micro-Pedi Nano which is battery-powered. This is a corded version and does not have batteries on it. The roller spins 360 degrees, up to 47 times per second. A powerful, yet effective callus remover without running several strokes that could hurt your skin. An extra coarse is included in the box and makes it a great choice if the other roller does not perform better on your affected skin. This unit has a longer body which is rubberized for ergonomic purpose.

The Emjoi Micro-Pedi PRO may not your typical portable callus remover but it has improved motor compared to its battery-operated version. And, because of its corded version, it is absolutely not waterproof. This unit has a one year warranty.

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Electric Callus Remover By Magnifeko

If you need a water resistant callus remover other than Careme, the Magnifeko electric foot file is another best option to choose. It is rated IPX5, a standard in which the unit can be soaked under water. This unit comes with two rollers, the fine and coarse. It has a power cord to charge the battery and can be used with the cord attached if the unit’s battery is out of juice. You can also use this unit cordlessly up to 30-40 minutes of running time. You can bring this when you travel because it has a kit bag included in the box. This unit has a 1 one year warranty from the date of purchase.

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Final thoughts

So there you have it. If you suffer from calluses and don’t know what to do about them, perhaps it is time that you purchased an electric callus remover and allowed it to work its magic. The devices are easy to use, they’re effective, and, if you choose correctly, they can work wonders and last a lifetime with careful use.