Best Chest Hair Grooming Options for Gentlemen

Chest Hair Grooming

Bodybuilders are not just well known for their attractive muscle forms but also on how they let their skin attain its smoothness – a hair-free skin. Many men and women want to be hairless. There might be a lot of hair removal products or chest hair grooming products around the stores which you could use. But without prior study, this could bring harm to your body. Each body has its own preferred method of how should it be removed. Here are some chest hair grooming tactics which you could use for bodybuilding or just a part of your hygiene.

The Shaving Method

This is the simplest chest hair grooming that everyone can apply on their own. Although, this method only allows your hair not to grow for just a few days because it will just cut your chest’s hair above the skin.

In using this method don’t immediately use the razor (not unless the length of the hair is razor friendly). Like what barbers do apply a pre-shaving using clippers to shorten the length of the hair.

Wash your chest with soap and warm after trimming it. Let it dry and apply some amount of shaving cream. When shaving always starts on the edge of the hair.

Run the shaver against the growth of the hair. If you experience razor bump, then run the shaver following the growth of your hair. Take your time when doing this method. Chest hair grooming is different from other hair grooming parts of your body because aside from the head, the chest is the second most hairy part of the body. This is the reason it needs some grooming as your chest is one of your asset that you could expose to the public.

The Wax Method

If you have limited time to do the shaving method, the wax method would be a great recommendation for your chest hair grooming. Unlike shaving, waxing uproots your hair below the skin which could last for 3 to 4 weeks.

For applying this method it’s advisable for you to consult an esthetician. Using the wax method for your chest hair grooming without the advice of an esthetician might bring irritation to your skin. As there is an appropriate wax for your chest’s hair length and thickness.

Aside from your recommended wax, make sure you have all the materials for waxing like pre-wax cleaner, wax warmer, post-wax lotion, tweezers etc.

If you are not yet used in this kind of method, it would be better to look for someone who could assist you in the process.

Before applying the wax trim your hair if it’s too long and wash it up. Wear plastic gloves. Apply pre-wax cleaner. Use a wooden applicator in applying the wax. It should cover the hair and it doesn’t necessarily need to be thick. Avoid applying wax to the skin surrounding your nipples because this is a sensitive part. Instead, apply shaving on this part or simply use the tweezers.

In removing the wax, do it against the hair growth. When the wax is removed apply the post-was lotion and massage the skin to alleviate the pain. In that case that you can’t bear the pain use the numbing spray before and after removing the wax.

The Laser Method

The laser method could be the best chest hair grooming method because it can almost permanently remove the presence of the hair around your chest because the laser eradicates the main root of the hair below the skin. Although, this will cost you more than those previously mentioned methods.

It’s ideal that this method is applicable at home. You must consult a dermatologist or a laser expert when you choose this method. This is not done in a single sitting. There is a session that you have to follow to see the complete effect of this method.

These are the three methods where you can select what option should be applied for your chest hair grooming.