Best Foot Massager for Home Use and Gift Ideas 2019

Best Foot MassagerFor different cultures across the span of centuries, foot massage has been associated with health and well-being. Today, foot massage is notably regarded as a complementary and alternative treatment to relieve pain, rehabilitate injuries, reduce stress and anxiety, and, of course, promote overall health. Foot reflexology is a popular practice that involves applying pressure to particular points of the feet in order to treat the parts of the body corresponding to them. Being able to occasionally go to a spa for a much-needed massage is relaxing – imagine if you actually have one of the best foot massagers right in the comfort of your own living room.

Comparison: Best Foot Massagers

Product ImageProduct NameOperationHeating FunctionMassage TypeWeightPrice
Homedics FMS-270HElectricYesShiatsu6.8 pounds$$
3Q MG-F18 Foot MassagerElectricYesShiatsu10.6 pounds$$$
Moji Moji Foot PRO Stainless Steel Spheres MassagerManualNoneRolling1.2 pounds$
uComfy Shiatsu Foot MassagerElectricYesShiatsu12 pounds$$
Kendal All in one foot spa bath massager w/ heatElectricYesVibration7 pounds$$

What are the benefits of having a foot massager at home?

A good foot massage promotes relaxation by releasing stress. Secondly, foot massage encourages circulation by improving blood flow in your body. When combined with regular stretching and exercises, foot massage also helps in preventing foot and ankle injuries. And in the case of joint pain and injury, it aids in recovery and relieves muscle soreness.

These are just some of things you can get from a foot massage. Now, opting for your own foot massager allows you to have easy access to such wonderful benefits, practically right at your fingertips. Here are a handful of foot massager benefits that are definitely worth taking note of.

Saves you money. Treating yourself to a spa is positively luxurious, but you may not always have enough cash to spare to do that. If you like going to a spa at least once a month, for example, the expenses will surely add up over the course of several months. If you invest in best foot massager, you pay for it one time and that’s about it.

Saves you time. You won’t have to block an afternoon or clear two hours of your schedule for a session at the spa. If you have your own foot massager, you can get a massage whenever you want – whether it’s at the end of a long day at work, while reading a book before going to bed, or as a weekend indulgence.

It can be used by your family members. One of the most practical foot massager benefits is that the equipment can be repeatedly used by more than one person. For instance, your husband can use it to relieve stress after a business trip; your teenage daughter can opt for it to help her relax in between Facebook sessions; and your college son can sit down for it as therapy after a basketball game.

What does a good foot massager have?

Your definition of an ideal device will actually depend on what kind of massage you are looking to have, and how much you’re willing to spend for it. If you cannot depend on reading foot massager reviews, you can look for the attributes of the massager to help you select the ideal one. But first, here are the three basic types of massagers to help you narrow down your choices:

Manual foot massagers. Often made of natural materials, a manual foot massager – as the name suggests – requires the user to manually roll the tube on the floor using his feet. This is the most affordable option for buyers.

Electric foot massagers. Utilizing electricity to operate balls or rollers that automatically massage the foot, this type of equipment allows the user to passively enjoy the massage. Those with rollers usually massage different areas of the foot simultaneously, while the ones with oscillating technology stimulate and target soft tissues.

Spa massagers. This kind of massager employs water and heat to add therapeutic benefits to the massage. Spa massagers typically have many features and are usually larger than regular machines, making them difficult to travel with.

Features to look for in a good massager

  • Soothing Heat Functionality
  • Warranty and Support
  • User-friendly and Ergonomic
  • Portable
  • Requires easy maintenance
  • Includes safety features

Most foot massager reviews will recommend that you opt for a device that has a cushioned surface for greater comfort. If you’re not eyeing for a manual model, your massager should have multiple speed settings so you can customize your massage. It is also important to check for convenient control options to make your experience hassle-free. If you want your massage to be more spa-like, then water and heater are features you need to look for.

Reviews: 5 Best Foot Massagers

1. Homedics FMS-270H Deep Kneading Shiatsu Foot Massager


  • Provides a deep kneading massage that soothes and relaxes
  • Includes 6 rotational heads for a thorough massage
  • 18 massage nodes that guarantee muscle therapy
  • Provides a gentle and calming heat
  • Features easy to use controls
  • Extensive 2 year warranty


  • Heat only applies to your sole

An exceptional machine, the Homedics FMS-270H benefits users with a truly soothing massage that’s guaranteed to please those aching feet and reduce stress. This machine includes 6 rotational heads and 18 massage nodes that ensure all pressure points of the feet are kneaded and taken care of. With the added gentle heat that it produces, users would want to use this for as long as they want, every day of the week.

Unlike other machines in the market, the Homedics FMS-270H features easy to use controls that make operating a breeze. It also is plugged into a socket, meaning users won’t have to worry about changing batteries often.
Easy, efficient and thorough, this will take care of all of your foot massage needs.


The machine’s thoroughness and easy to use control makes it a must buy for anyone who enjoys a foot massage. Once you have this at home, you’ll want to sit back and let the device do its work for hours on end.

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2. 3Q MG-F18 Foot Massager with Heat


  • Provides a shiatsu massage, a kneading massage, air pressure and heat therapy
  • Kneads and massages all acupuncture points
  • Comes with three levels of intensity, from mild to strong
  • Comes with both an automatic and manual preset
  • Includes an automatic off button, making use a breeze
  • Portable and easy to store


  • The product does not come with warranty

One of the best foot massage products, the 3Q MF-F18 Foot Massager with Heat provides soothing shiatsu and kneading massages to its owners. This machine kneads and massages all acupuncture points of the feet while producing air that adds a dimension of relaxation to anyone. With this machine, you can have a spa-level therapy anytime you want.

Usage is also easy. Anyone can adjust the intensity of this machine with ease. As an added bonus, it comes with a setting that allows it to be used automatically for fifteen minutes or, if one prefers, manually. This is a wonderful massage machine for anyone who wants a nice foot rub at the end of the day.


The 3Q MF-F18 Foot Massager with Heat should be for a definite purchase for all massage fanatics. It will certain give you the relaxation you’re craving for.

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3. Kendal All in One Foot Spa Bath Massager


  • It’s a heating therapy and massage machine in one nifty and easy to use device
  • Features 3 preset programs, designed to meet the needs of its users
  • Utilized PTC semiconductors that ensures the temperature is constant. It also protects the device from overheating
  • Device has self-draining mechanism, making cleanup easy


  • Water temperature cannot be adjusted
  • Warranty doesn’t include misuse by owners

The All in One Foot Spa Bath Massager is an excellent item for anyone who wants to feel soothed and relaxed. It has the ability to heat the water to a very warm temperature, perfect for those sore and aching feet. Its multiple adjustment settings produce bubbles that generously and thoroughly massages muscles. Users can also choose to add salts and oils in the machine, should they want to add a dimension of elegance and fragrance to the experience. Not only are its effects desirable, but it also ensures hassle-free usage. It includes preset programs that make adjustment a breeze. At the same time, the machine has a self-draining component, making clean up and maintenance easy.


Despite the fact that the water temperature cannot be adjusted and the warranty is limited, the All in One Foot Spa Bath Massager is an excellent way to come home to a foot massage after a day’s hard work. You’re not going to regret this purchase.

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4. Moji Moji Foot PRO Stainless Steel Spheres Massager


  • Features 6 stainless steel massage spheres that can be chilled in the freezer
  • No batteries needed
  • It includes a slip-resistant base
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty


  • Requires manual movement from users
  • Takes a moderate amount of work

The Moji Moji Foot PRO Stainless Steel Spheres Massager is a must have for all massage fanatics. The balls are beautifully designed to soothe the feet even with minimal movement from the user. The stainless steel balls can even be put in the freezer, for a very soothing and pleasant massage at the end of the day. This is especially perfect for swollen feet and for anyone who has arthritis.

The Moji Moji is also designed to last for a long time. It has quality construction and is supremely stable, especially with the rubber base found at the bottom. Best of all, it’s manual. It doesn’t need batteries, nor does it need to be plugged in the socket. This means free massages without the additional expense.


The Moji Moji Foot PRO Stainless Spheres Massager is an intelligent purchase for anyone who wants a solid massage device. Durable and simple to use, it promises a relaxing time for its owners all year long.

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5. uComfy Shiatsu Foot Massager


  • A one of a kind device that provides shiatsu therapy and hot air massages
  • Comes with various preset programs
  • Kneads and vibrates to provide comfort
  • Provides a soothing massage to both the top and bottom of the feet
  • Has an elegant and modern appearance
  • Portable and can be carried anywhere


  • Cannot accommodate all feet sizes
  • Can be a bit noisy at times

A one of a kind machine, the uComfy Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat enables its owners to have a foot massage anytime they want. It produces hot air that soothes tired feet and an exceptional vibration that kneads the tops and bottom of every feet, relaxing sore muscles in the process. It’s almost as good as getting a real massage.

Users are also able to adjust the machine to the degree of intensity that they want. With five levels of vibration, users can choose a soothing vibration, or a more aggressive one for an extra powerful massage. Do you want to have a bit of reflexology treatment in your home? This is the machine for you.


The uComfy Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat is a must-buy for massage aficionados. With its different presets and the pleasure it brings, it will certain ensure that your sore feet are renewed with each use.

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Closing Thoughts

You can determine the best foot massager for you by first deciding what you want to accomplish with it, consulting with your doctor if you’re using it for therapy, and allotting a budget that actually works for you.