5 Best Weighted Vests for Fitness Enthusiasts 2019

Best Weighted Vest

What is a Weighted Vest?

A weighted vest is basically a vest with additional weight on it. The vest may be made of heavy material that acts as additional weights. It can also have small pockets that may be filled with sand, metal bars or other heavy objects. The main objective is to put additional weight to the person wearing the vest to enhance his endurance, physical state and even just to burn calories. People wear this vest mainly for fitness. There are already many available weighted vests, but only the best weighted vest made of quality materials can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Comparison: Best Adjustable Weighted Vest

Product ImageProduct NameMax Weight CapacityWeight IncrementDimensionsReview
MIR 50LBS Short Adjustable Weighted Vest60 pounds3-pound increment11 x 12 x 2 inchesRead Review
ZFOsports 40LBs Adjustable Weighted Vest40 pounds2.5-pound increment15 x 12 x 2 inchesRead Review
CAP Barbell Adjustable Weighted Vest150 pounds2.5-pound increment42 x 2.5 x 13 inchesRead Review
SKLZ Weighted Vest20 pounds0.5-pound increment4 x 8 x 13.2 inchesRead Review
Pure Fitness Adjustable Weighted Vest40 pounds0.88-pound increment4.3 x 16 x 24 inchesRead Review

Benefits of Wearing Weighted Vest

There are many advantages in wearing weighted vest, especially if you are regularly and religiously using and incorporating it not only during exercises or trainings, but from time to time, even during your regular day-to-day activities like walking around the house or going grocery shopping. Whatever your fitness goal is, with the best weighted vest workouts, you are sure to achieve it.

Enhance Strength – Strength is the ability of your body’s muscles to exert force. With the additional weight brought by the weighted vest, your body, specifically your muscles, are forced to adapt to the extreme change and thereby building higher muscular strength.

Enhance Endurance – Endurance is the ability of your body to withstand both physical and psychological stresses that are brought about by activity. Higher muscular strength is also parallel with higher endurance. In training with weighted vest, the additional weight trains your body to endure additional stresses thereby strengthening your muscles and increasing your endurance.

Enhance Bones, Lungs and Heart – When you wear the right weighted vest, your heart works extra in a good way. Your lungs enhances also and utilizes more oxygen. Your bone mass is also increased, resulting to higher bone strength and density.

Achieve Your Goal with the Best Weighted Vest

Why do people wear weighted vest? There are many reasons, but the simplest answer is for fitness. Wearing a weighted vest can make you fit and healthier.

Training for Sports – When you are training for a full marathon, it is advisable to incorporate the best weighted vest for running regularly in your runs. Marathons are very difficult so you have to prepare your body mentally and physically. You have to increase your strength and endurance so you can withstand 42 kilometers of running to finish the marathon.

Training for Competition – Soccer and basketball players need to be able to run in long distances while still effectively handling the ball. Boxers also have to be able to withstand the exhausting and hurting 12 rounds of boxing. In every sports competition, players and athletes need to train effectively to strengthen their body and enhance their endurance. Using the best weighted vest in their training can help them achieve their goals for their body.

Lose Weight or Burn Calories – Carrying the extra weight of a weighted vest during simple exercises (like walking and climbing stairs) or in day-to-day activities (like yard work, grocery shopping, gardening, and laundry) can help your body burn calories faster thus making you lose weight more effectively.

Who Can Use This Vest?

Anyone can use a weighted vest, but precaution should also be observed. It is best for individuals who want to lose weight or who aim to use best weighted vest for CrossFit especially doing Murph. It is also ideal for professional athletes. Training, exercising or simply wearing weighted vest at all times can place additional stress in your body so in as much as you want to use it every day, you must not overuse it as it may cause injury.

Factors to Consider When Buying Weighted Vest

There are already numerous sellers of weighted vest in shops and even online. As a buyer, how can you choose the best weighted vest?

Comfort – You have to feel comfortable wearing it since you will be using it in your trainings. If it is best to look for and buy the vest that you are most comfortable in.

Fit – Your vest should fit you perfectly. Otherwise, your body will have sore areas and your training will be ineffective.

Material – A weighted vest is not that cheap because of its high quality material and buying another one just because the one you bought got broken during training is unforgivable.

Durability – Take note that weighted vest are used for workout whether intense or not, it should last for many months or years especially if you use it 5 days a week at most.

Adjustable – A weighted vest usually has adjustable straps in the shoulder and sides. This makes it customizable to fit any body. This is especially useful when you are trying to lose weight since you will start with a bigger body and end up with a smaller one – if you do your training right.

Weight – Depending on your activity and goal, you have the option to choose from 10- to 50-pound equivalent weight of the vest you are going to buy. You can start with lower weight, gradually adding weights as you achieve your goal. Just make sure that your vest is capable of holding the end weight that you want. Ask your fitness trainer which weight is most suitable to you to start with.

Price – Prices depend on the materials used and the weight of the vest. You should decide first if you will use the weighted vest for a long time, especially if you regularly work out or you are really into sports, in which case you need to invest in a finest quality vest or you want to use the vest only to lose weight, in which case you can buy the cheaper ones. You can buy 20lbs, 40lbs and 50lbs weighted vest for the average prices of $49.99, $64.99 and $79.99, respectively.

Workouts/Exercises Ideal for Weighted Vest

You have to make sure that your weighted vest is compatible with the activity you want to do and the goal you want to achieve. Your training may be affected if you are not wearing the right vest for your activity. Some simple exercises where you can use the weighted vest are treadmill run, push-ups, squats, and reverse lunges. You can even use the vest while walking around the neighborhood, doing yard work, and gardening to burn extra calories.

Weighted vest when properly used can be very beneficial for the improvement not only of your body’s strength and endurance, but also of your overall health and wellness. The key is to buy the perfect vest for your activity, body, and goal.

Reviews: The 5 Best Weighted Vests

1. MIR 50LBS Short Adjustable Weighted Vest


  • Sturdy weighted vest
  • Up to 60 lbs. capacity
  • Adjustable with 3 lbs. increment
  • Washable
  • Compact
  • Balanced weight distribution (front and back)


  • Quite expensive
  • Its narrow vest design can be bothersome to the shoulder for the first time wearing this vest

Features and Build Material

The MIR 50LBS Short Adjustable Weighted Vest is a highly compact weight loss equipment with a length of 11 inches. It features a complete set of weights, which you can adjust from three to 60 pounds, increasing your adeptness in losing your weight. Its removable weights are placed on the upper torso so that your stomach is going to be protected from being pounded whenever you are running. It also provides protection to the whole body while you are exercising.

Meanwhile, the vest itself is made of 1200D reinforced nylon, featuring a double shoulder padding that has been contoured to comfortably fit on your shoulders. It also comes with a mesh for ventilation purposes. Aside from that, the MIR 50LBS Short Adjustable Weighted Vest has two straps that you can easily adjust underneath your torso. To adjust the equipment, all you have to do is slide the straps through the D-rings.

Available Weight and Sizes

The MIR 50LBS Short Adjustable Weighted Vest has dimensions of 11 x 12 x 2 inches and has a total weight of 51 pounds. The weights are adjustable in increments of three pounds. The capacity of the equipment is up to 60 pounds. It comes with one durable Velcro belt and empty compartments that you can use to add extra weights.


If you are looking for a good way to lose your weight while making sure your body is toned and fit, then you can purchase the MIR 50LBS Short Adjustable Weighted Vest. It may be expensive, but you will definitely get more than the amount you have spent.

See MiR Weighted Vest Price on Amazon

2. ZFOsports 40LBs Adjustable Weighted Vest


  • Fits for most sizes
  • Adjustable with 2.5 lbs. increment
  • Great for both men and women
  • Priced reasonably


  • A bit bulky design
  • Changing weights is too cumbersome

Working out is a lot more interesting when you have some resistance to make each move you make count for more. The best way to do this is with the ZFOsports 40LBs Adjustable Weighted Vest, a durable vest that is designed to contour to your body, so that you can get that much needed resistance from during your workout.

Features and Build Material

The vest is made of a strong material designed to withstand the constant moving around of the weights during a workout, while still being comfortable enough to let you breathe. The vest is made up of 16 removable weights, each weighing 2.5 pounds each. Each weight is basically made up of iron ore sealed in a small bag.

Available Weight and Sizes

The vest is one size fits most, designed to fit snugly on most body types, men or women. It is adjustable, so you can fix it to better fit you. There have been some users who claim it does not fit certain body types, but there has been disagreements there. Unfortunately, for those who want more than 40 lbs, this vest has no heavier options.


Overall, this vest is a worthwhile buy if you think that you will not be needing any heavier than 40 lbs to give you workout a much needed boost.

See ZFOsports Weighted Vest Price on Amazon

3. CAP Barbell Adjustable Weighted Vest


  • Wide range of weight capacity to choose from
  • Durable
  • Adjustable belt that fits most sizes
  • Adjustable with 2.5 lbs increment
  • Easy to change weights
  • Reasonable price


  • Bulky design
  • The vest could use an extra strap especially if it has bigger pounds

Exercise is a time-consuming activity, so you should make sure that when you do it, you should make it as effective as possible. Good thing you have the option to use the CAP Barbell Adjustable Weighted Vest. The vest allows you to add additional weight to your torso area with the goal of adding resistance to your every movement, allowing you to make the most of your workout.

Features and Build Material

The vest is made of a durable and breathable material, so that it can be comfortable for its wearer. You can secure it with one Velcro strap. The weights are small bags of sand, each weighing around 2.5 pounds. These individual bags can be removed as a way of controlling the weight.

Available Weight and Sizes

The vest is one size fits all with an adjustable belt, although there are consumer reports of the heavier variants of the vest being longer. The weights you can choose from are 40 lbs, 50 lbs, 60 lbs, 70 lbs, 80, lbs, 100 lbs, 120 lbs, and 150 lbs.


Overall, the CAP Barbell Adjustable Weighted Vest is a worthwhile buy. You get all the added resistance to your workout in a package that is comfortable and easy to adjust according to your needs.

See CAP Barbell Adjustable Weighted Vest Price on Amazon

4. SKLZ Weighted Vest – Variable Weight Training Vest


  • Great option for starters
  • The reinforced nylon mesh design makes comfortable wear
  • Adjustable with only 0.5 lbs increment
  • Adjustable velcro belt to fit most sizes
  • Quick and easy weight change


  • Not great for those who want to extend more weights
  • Only 10 lbs. maximum capacity

Train like a pro with the SKLZ Weighted Vest, a revolutionary utility designed to maximize workouts through its versatile structure that can add resistance to any exercise. It is constructed to avoid compromising, with the weight distributed evenly for optimum comfort.

Features and Build Material

The soft bound edges, reinforced nylon and mesh design are great for maximum comfort and breathability, because you deserve not to be distracted while doing your exercise. The velcro belt adjust to fit most athletes and fitness geeks. There are inner pockets to easily add or remove weights. You can increment 0.05 lb. of weight up to 10 lbs. total.

Available weight and sizes

Because SLKZ is committed to elevating the athlete in all of us, the SLKZ Variable Weight Training Vest has a flexible design with a Velcro belt that allows it to fit to nearly any athlete. This one-size-fits-all mantra allows anyone with a desire to work out to be successful.


Because of the variability of the weights, the SLKZ weighted vest is perfect for the runner or the trainer, and the breathability of the vest makes it a must-buy. SLKZ is well-known for their durable and efficient training products, especially their weight training vests. This innovative product will help you improve your athletic performance and skill development, leading to a better you.

See SKLZ Weighted Vest Price on Amazon

5. Pure Fitness Weighted Vest


  • Easy weight change
  • Adjustable belt to fit most sizes
  • Adjustable with 0.88 lbs. increment
  • Comfortable design
  • Balanced weight pouch distribution
  • With reflective trims for night workouts/exercises


  • Only two sizes available – 20 lbs. & 40 lbs.
  • Not good for intense exercises especially choosing the heavier option

Features and Build Material

Fitness enthusiasts love putting on weighted vests to add on a few extra pounds during their daily workouts. The use of weighted vests is to take your cardio exercises to the next level, to supplement your resistance training, and to vary your regimen.

The Pure Fitness Weighted Vest has closures that are fully adjustable. These closures are also easy to remove, with no complicated attachments. Because of the adjustable closures, it comfortably fits any adult, guaranteeing a snug and secure fit while working out.

The Pure Fitness Weighted Vest can be used for various exercises such as jogging, pull-ups, squats, tricep dips, and many more. There is a reflective light trim, so it is safe enough to use while running at night.

Available Weight and Sizes

There are a total of 43 sand-filled weights, each of them 0.88 pounds each. They can be easily inserted or removed, providing easy adjustment for your preferred workout intensity.


Since this is brought to us by reputable company Pure Fitness, which is really dedicated to promote a healthy and active lifestyle, it does not come as a surprise that the Pure Fitness Weighted Vest is a superb product that really benefits anyone’s workout regimen.

The fact that the closures wrap around with a Velcro instead of snaps and closes is a huge benefit, as it hugs the body and makes it secure. This fits well and does not get loose when you’re doing more strenuous activities like running or jumping. The sand bags are also not loose inside the pockets, and they fit snugly and tightly within each compartment. We also like the fact that we can remove or add weights depending on the workout intensity that we prefer. The Pure Fitness Weighted Vest is one of the must have adjustable weighted vests for a fitness geek.

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