9 Fruits to Eat for a Healthy and Shiny Hair


Shiny and Healthy Hair

What do you need to have healthy hair?

A lot of people are not aware that your dietary practices actually have a direct effect on your exterior appearance. Insufficient nutrients, a lack of vitamins and unhealthy toxins in your body can ruin your skin, your face and yes, even your hair. Like any part of the body, the hair requires a healthy supply of vitamins for it to be healthy, impervious to negative environmental factors and continuously growing.

So what are the vitamins that healthy hair needs? A lot to be honest. This includes Vitamin C, which elevates hair’s appearance and raises immunity. B vitamins makes it look healthy and full and not brittle. Vitamin E does a lot of help so that hair can grow. That goes the same for Vitamin A. Vitamin D, on the other hand, motivates and nurtures healthy follicle growth. At the same time, your hair requires iron, magnesium, zinc, protein and niacin.

What causes the unhealthiness of hair?

You might start to ask yourself why, of all things, hair needs this much vitamins and nutrients. Hair gets affected by a lot of factors. The heat of the sun and environmental factors, such as wind, rain, cold and its ever changing nature can have negative impact on the hair. It can make it brittle, it can make it look dull and it can even make it look lifeless.

There are also a lot of pollutants and contaminants in the modern world that can affect a hair’s health. Just being in a sidewalk is already torture. Dust, dirt and smoke can ruin one’s hair, not to mention the pollution that’s very prevalent in today’s daily environment.

Finally, one’s overall wellness can also have adverse ramifications on one’s hair. Lack of sleep, stress at work or at home, or too much drinking, smoking, and even the consumption of junk food and fatty meals can also cause hair dullness or, in some very concerning cases, hair loss.

What Fruits Should I Eat in Order to Achieve Beautiful Hair?

9 Best Fruits to Eat for a Healthy and Shiny Hair

Fortunately, there are quite a number of fresh, delicious and easy to purchase fruits that can immediately reinvigorate and repair the constant harm and damage your hair receives. Here are some of them for you to try:

1) Avocados: This small fruit is chock full of nutritious vitamins and nutrients. Some of these include vitamin B and C and beta carotene. It also is full of vitamin E, which makes certain that the follicle’s capillary walls are resilient against external factors. In addition, it also promotes healthy and continuous scalp growth. As an added bonus, the pulp of the avocado can also make for a pretty effective conditioner, if you’re tired of all of the chemicals found in grocery sold hair products.

2) Oranges: Oranges are an excellent source of Vitamin C and can make your hair shiny. This is an effective antioxidant and produces skin collagen. It also boosts one’s immunity. Finally, vitamin C has an innate ability to retain vitamin A in your body.

3) Cantaloupes: Cantaloupes produce a load of beta carotene, which the body eventually converts into vitamin A. Beta carotene also produces necessary oils that keep a scalp healthy and in tip top condition. Finally, vitamin A can fight off the onset of dandruff.

4) Pineapples: Like cantaloupes and oranges, pineapples produce a lot of vitamin C and vitamin A. It can also stave off the appearance of dandruff.

5) Lemons: Lemon and lemon extract also delivers a lot of vitamin C into the body. At the same time, fresh lemon extract can be a good hair rub, as it helps continuous and uninterrupted circulation.

6) Apple: An apple can be a great boon and assistant for everyone suffering from hair loss and balding. Apples are known to be growth boosters. Eating one a day will make the root of your hair more resilient and will motivate continuous hair growth.

7) Strawberries and Other Berries: Strawberries are another one that strengthens roots and promote hair growth. At the same time, they also provide both vitamin C and vitamin B. The same goes for other berries, such as blueberries, raspberries and boysenberries.

8) Bananas: Another helpful assistant to those suffering hair loss, bananas have potassium, magnesium, fiber and pectin that strengthens hair and its roots. At the same time, it also nurtures hair growth.

9) Grapes: Finally, there are grapes. These small but delicious fruit are a great source of antioxidants and nutrients. It also is full of water, which cleanses and detoxifies scalp and hair follicles. Finally, its seed oil can also be used as a tonic to decrease the chances of hair loss and scalp deterioration.

For everyone, those who especially love their hair, don’t skip your daily fruit intake. Chomp on these delicious healthy fruits and enjoy healthy and shiny hair all year long.