Top 40 Hottest CrossFit Girls You Can Follow on Instagram

If you are a fitness enthusiast, you probably heard about CrossFit. Whether you are a guy or a girl, and you are amazed by people on the internet, especially photos of CrossFit girls with a sculpted body posted on Instagram, you won’t deny that they are amazing. But how did they do that amazing transformation?

It is natural to admire people’s stories – and their bodies, too – especially if they inspire you to workout. There is no doubt that Instagram is the largest platform for CrossFit, and there are countless CrossFit girls providing their followers with the right amount of motivation to stay consistent with any fitness regimen.

So, without further ado, here are the 40 hottest CrossFit girls on Instagram. And yes, you can follow all of them!

1. Lauren Brooks


Believe it or not, Brooks is a CrossFit mommy who finished 7th in the Sprint Sled and Sprint Carry events. Representing Miami Surge Team in the GRID league, this strong and beautiful lady is one of the strongest athletes of today.

2. Andrea Ager


You have probably heard the moniker “Agerbomb,” but do you who she really is? Well, it is none other than Andrea Ager, who is also a member of the GRID’s New York Rhinos. And mind you, she has a degree in Exercise Science and is considered a successful track & field athlete.

3. Zummer Pagan


Pagan is not only among the hottest CrossFit girls on Instagram, but she is also a PowerLifter who hails from Puerto Rico. Dubbed as the “Fittest in Puerto Rico,” she is expected to display her ripped bod in this year’s Nationals and American Open.

4. Christmas Abbott


When you see Abbott on Instagram, you would fall in love with her amazing story. That is because she worked before as a member of a pit crew in NASCAR. She is also an author and a tattoo enthusiast.

5. Emily Skye


Born in Australia, Skye has one of those sweet accents that you would love to hear every now and then. And oh, she is a mother, too.

6. Heidi Somers


Heidi Somers is one of the many CrossFit girls with more than a million followers on Instagram. She started going CrossFit classes after moving to Texas. Now she trains CrossFit with her own. The secret to her success? Self-motivation and nutrition – the paleo diet.

7. Brooke Ence


After making her first appearance in 2015’s CrossFit Games, Brooke became an instant favorite. She was out for the 2017 season due to an unfortunate neck injury, though. Still, her strong personality and sexy appeal make her worth following.

8. Carolinne Hobo


Hobo is not your typical CrossFit girl. That is because she is a top CrossFit athlete from Brazil. And since 2013, she has consistently remained on the top 100 athletes in Latin America. This is not to mention her 5 Regionals appearances.

9. Annie Thorisdottir


Also known as “Iceland Annie,” Thorisdottir is a two-time CrossFit games champion. And she has been one of the hottest CrossFit girls on Instagram since 2009.

10. Sarah Stage


If Stage’s 2 million followers on Instagram will not convince you, nothing else will. One look at her and you will know why. She is a walking proof that having kids does not veer you away from a good fitness regimen.

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