Top 40 Hottest CrossFit Girls You Can Follow on Instagram

21. Jackie Perez


Perez is considered as one of today’s powerful figure in the world of CrossFit. Apart from gaining numerous brand sponsorships, she also managed to compete in the Regionals 5 for 6 years. She uses her fitness journey in empowering women across the world.

22. Bjork Odinsdottir


Odinsdottir is perhaps among today’s hottest CrossFit girls who have a background in gymnastics. But what really made her popular is her powerlifting prowess. A certified Phoenix Rise GRID athlete, Odinsdottir became Europe’s 2nd fittest women during her rookie year.

23. Stacie Tovar


If you are wondering who among this list has the nicest of personalities, Tovar is definitely included. Not only is she a 5-time CrossFit Games competitor, she is also one of the most inspirational athletes to have ever embraced the world of fitness.

24. Lauren Fisher


Although Fisher is one of the youngest games athletes, she has been battling in the elite competition stage since she was only 20 years old. Included in her resume are 3 Games appearances and 5 Regionals, accolades that make her a prominent athlete in the field of CrossFit.

25. Jessica Coughlan


Coughlan is a longtime favorite. This Instagram star hails from Australia and ranks top 10 in 4 of her 5 CrossFit Regional appearances.

26. Mattie Rogers


Rogers began her CrossFit journey at a young age of 17 years old. Shortly after, she started gaining multiple wins in various National Weightlifting tournaments. This Olympic weightlifter has the right amount of passion.

27. Amanda Zaia


Zaia is one of the most popular CrossFit coaches in Brazil. A 2-year CrossFit Team competitor, she represents Latin America and is also a bearer of Brazilian beauty.

28. Dominique Jacoy


Jacoy certainly made a name out of herself. Not only is she a world-class CrossFit Level 2 Coach and competitor, she is also a NSCA coach. And since 2015, she has consistently ranked in the top 75 in CrossFit Open Tennessee.

29. Kristen Graham


Graham has one of the remarkable passions in the world of CrossFit. This model and athlete is a real beaut, and her experience in multi-sport made gave her a spot in the top 60 in the US North East. And mind you, it is a title she continues to hold for the last 5 years.

30. Kristin Pope


In the year 2013, Pope surprised the world of fitness after finishing top 2000 in the ever-popular CrossFit Open. This sexy coach and Olympic weightlifting competitor has become a YouTube sensation.

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