TENS 7000 2nd Edition: Professional Grade Nerve Stimulator

Many people around the world suffer from back pain, which disrupts work and life in general. If you’re one of them, isn’t it time for you to take action in redeeming the lifestyle you deserve? By using TENS 7000 unit a few minutes or an hour a day, you can experience relief. Soon, you’ll be living your life as if the pain doesn’t exist any longer. So what’s this device? Let me share to you the product’s amazing features.

Professional Electro Muscle Stimulation in a Portable Unit

The use of electrical impulses has been a popular way of getting relief from both acute and chronic pain. Professional physical therapists and experienced chiropractors even make use of devices that utilize this type of technology. With the portable TENS unit in the market, professionals can provide patients with pain relief wherever they go without the burden of bringing heavy equipment. The best part of this unit is that it’s an easy-to-operate device and thus, can be used by ordinary individuals because it comes with patient compliance meter to ensure the right settings.

Highly Adjustable Settings to Suit Various Needs

You may not experience the same intensity of pain compared to other people. You may have chronic aches which are slightly noticeable and thus, not a hindrance to everyday life. On the contrary, you can have sudden pain due to an accident. Whatever the case, it’s essential that you obtain relief from pain if you want to bring your life back to normal.

Fortunately, the TENS device comes with adjustable settings to ensure that you get the right amount of treatment suitable to your needs.

  • 5 Modes: Strength Duration 1 and 2 for those pains that require intense simulation; Modulation; Normal; and Burst.
  • 3 settings for the frequency or wavelength, intensity and pulse-width levels.
  • 8 intensity levels are available in a range of 0 to 100 mA.

Adjustable settings are also necessary because every body part requires a different intensity. As an example, the stimulation needed for the neck and groin may be much lower required to the back and hips.

Automatic Recording and Timing of Sessions

Having the electrical impulses will feel like a good massage especially on your back and thus, you’ll be relaxing and will most often be dozing off during the session. Thus, the timing feature of the 7000-version TENS unit is definitely practical. Just set the timer before you start and the device will automatically stop when it’s done, even when you have fallen asleep. If you’re a physical therapist or a chiropractor, the timer will let you attend to other tasks while your patient is in a session. In short, you won’t have to worry about overstimulation of your patient’s muscles.

Similarly, the recording feature is handy in determining when the TENS unit was last used. There’s also the parameter recording option, which is essential in ensuring that you can use the complex settings you previously had again.

Features and Specifications

  • This 12.8-ounce version of the TENS unit is only around 3.98 inches long, 2.4 inches wide and 0.96 inches thick. In short, it is a highly portable device.
  • It utilizes a 9-volt battery and can continuously run to at most 12 hours.
  • There are 6 controls on this unit, including four on the front.
  • The unit has a large LCD screen to conveniently read information or manage settings.
  • The device features rubberized sides to ensure firm gripping with your hands.
  • An amplitude cover is attached to the unit for safety purposes.


Your purchase of this TENS unit comes with 4 reusable, individual self-sticking electrodes as well as 2 safety lead wires. Instruction manuals are also provided to ensure proper use and care of the unit, maximizing the value for your money and the life of the device. A 9-volt battery is included so that you can use the device right away. A compact carrying case is also part of the set, allowing you to bring the device wherever you go without much hassle.

There is also a complete pack available which comprise a TENS 7000 device, electrolyte spray, conductive electrode support belt, snap-on lead wire, a 9-volt battery and user manual.


  • Although the unit uses a 9-volt battery just like any other TENS gadget, this 7000-version consumes power much lower than any other muscle-stimulating device.
  • The automatic countdown timer ensures that the device is only running as needed, thus, saving battery life further.
  • The TENS package you’ll receive comes with accessories that will essentially get you started on the road to pain relief right away.
  • The four electrodes are self-sticking, and thus, there’s no need to use messy adhesive gel products.
  • Unlike any other TENS device, this product has additional practical features that makes treatment monitoring more convenient.


  • The accompanying self-sticking electrodes may lose their ability to stick to the skin with constant use. Fortunately, there are electrode pads you can purchase separately. You will also have the option to buy larger pads if you prefer.
  • The 9-volt battery is said to not last a long time. Your session can be interrupted if it’s not checked before using. So make sure to check the low battery indicator and have some spare in stock. Opting for rechargeable batteries is a good idea.
TENS 7000 2nd Edition Review
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Bottom Line

No one should suffer from body aches – chronic or not. The TENS 7000 2nd Edition unit is a great thing to use when you want to obtain pain relief in the comfort of your home or wherever you go. It also provides professional muscle stimulation and thus, great to have in your clinic if you’re a chiropractor or physical therapist.

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